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The common misconception that there are many business brokers today globally was what spurred our management to include this fundamental principle of growth and ventured 3 years ago actively in the brokerage business arm !!

Research suggest that there is at least one business brokerage firm for every 1800 businesses  which gave room for new brokers and with a mission to bridge the gap , OIS has significantly gotten a grasp of the market share .

Business brokers are identified as intermediaries  in the entire framework of the buying and selling process. 
A strong reputation of the Ois Consultants in Brokering Public private partnerships between investors and government parastatals .

We delight milage from successful and structural brokerage in the private sectors in diverse industries like IT, infrastructure, power, Telecom , government , Education , Agriculture and oil and gas .

Key Areas for us is - inter Agency relationships , 

  • Building sales transactions teams for businesses
  • Business placement and sales 
  • Managing the due process and diligence 
  • Coordinating closing activities 

The company has several licenses globally as accredited business brokers and with brokerage firms .

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